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Which is better, the elliptical machine or the treadmill?

May. 27, 2019

Which is better, the elliptical machine or the treadmill?

Fitness equipment battle, aerobic equipment elliptical machine, treadmill which side of the greater advantage?

Body Fit Elliptical Machine

Minor sports injury:

When using the elliptical machine, the feet do not need to leave the two pedals, so the impact on the joints is relatively small and the sports injury is small. The impact of the treadmill on the body joints will be greater, the damage is a little big.

Muscle relaxation works best:

Elliptical machine is a relatively easy exercise, more conducive to muscle relaxation. Especially the leg muscles, the elliptical machine can help you resist the leg muscles.

Commercial Motorized Treadmill

Weight loss:

How to say, the exercise of treadmill is very big, the effect that burns adipose opposite also is better, so reduce weight more effective.

This elliptical machine does relatively little exercise and doesn't burn as much fat as a treadmill, so it's recommended for weight loss.

Exercise effect is good:

Running itself is a full-body aerobic exercise, in which all the muscles of the body are involved. All the muscles are involved in the exercise, so different parts of the body can be exercised.

This oval machine is only lower body muscles involved in the movement, a bit limited.

Say this treadmill and elliptical machine are each have their own good, it seems that there is no victory or defeat. But if you want to lose weight, get on the treadmill. If you want to relax your muscles, look for an elliptical machine. These two are a good combination, and it's also good to go to the elliptical machine to relax your muscles and avoid muscle-flexing legs after your treadmill workout.

Commercial Motorized Treadmill