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What should be paid attention to when using a treadmill?

Aug. 27, 2019

What should be paid attention to when using a treadmill?

Do you feel comfortable when using the treadmill?

A. Is the length, width, thickness and size of the running belt appropriate? Is the running board flexible enough for you? Choose a Commercial Treadmill with a thick surface to reduce the impact on the joints.

B. Do you feel safe running on the treadmill? Generally speaking, the longer the surface of the running machine, the larger the exercise space, you will feel more secure.

Do you need to adjust the treadmill buy from Cardio Machine Manufacturer to its maximum power when challenging yourself with speed and slope? When increasing or decreasing speed, can you have apparent inertia? How far can the Angle of tilt reach?

Function of electronic instrument. How important is it to you?

Commercial Treadmill

Commercial Motorized Treadmill CM-608

Four, the life of the treadmill, how to provide maintenance services, and how to daily maintenance.

How often you use the Commercial Motorized Treadmill. This is an important factor when you consider adjusting your budget.

When using the treadmill at home, here are some things to be aware of:

Must wear athletic shoes, preferably jogging shoes. Slow running shoes have soft soles and are best suited for use on treadmills. Never run barefoot. Vibrations from the treadmill can cause unexpected damage to the joints, and sweating on the soles can easily lead to slipping.

Two, do warm-up exercise, even if it is slow walking, also want to let the body stretch first, in addition to can prevent injury, also can obtain better movement effect.

Check the treadmill. Placement is stable, there is no fault, whether the table is dry.

4. When the exercise is over and the heart rate drops below 120, the treadmill can only be stopped. When the treadmill is off, the platform should be completely stable.

If you weigh more than 140 kg, don't "torture" the treadmill.