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What kinds of people are suitable for the equipment in the gym?(part 1)

Apr. 26, 2019

Many friends came to the gym will be confused about, fitness equipment supplied from Commercial Strength equipment Supplier was not sure on what to choose, in fact, the gym fitness equipment according to its different use function can be roughly divided into: strong and handsome, casual, function, growth, and comprehensive and so on, different equipment in view of the crowd is different, let's know the applicable people fitness equipment together.

1. Fitness gym equipment

This kind of gym equipment is usually suitable for women, because women go to the gym to have a good body.

Common equipment of this kind of gym is like the small dumbbell that weighs 3 or 4 pounds, close abdomen implement, fitness turntable, gymnastics to wait for small-sized things such as mat, still have the effect that machine of small magnetic cure that a few shu jinhuo blood and massager can have fitness to reduce weight.

2. Leisure gym equipment

Office workers are more prone to fatigue, can be through the fitness to wake up the brain refreshing, can choose the gym equipment in the height device, exercise bike, rowing machine, elliptical machine and so on.

Commercial Strength equipment

3.  Functional gym equipment 

Suitable for middle-aged and old people, for the purpose of fitness and longevity. The body is strong, may choose the treadmill and the exercise bike and darts and so on; The body is poor, can choose all sorts of massage implement, there is machine of a kind of magic effect sway on the market at present fitness suits this kind of person to use especially.

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