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The fitness methods for girls(part 2)

Apr. 17, 2019

The fitness methods for girls(part 2)

4. Dumbbell

Commercial Strength equipment Supplier shares that we should choose to be able to add weight when buying, do not buy plastic, that simple cannot add weight again, although average schoolgirl is this kind of dumb bell, but real motion still can choose to add weight. Dumbbell can be used to weight squat, can also do other, the gym can do bench press it is also ok ~ if the novice does not have strength, can use mineral water bottle, from 5 jins 10 jins start, wait until can accept to change heavy weight dumbbell again.

5.Push up frame

According to the people who have used, usually can do the number of times using push-up frame will be greatly reduced, but the effect is good. But, push-up frame does not want to buy at will, the boy trains a bosom muscle to buy to buy, the girl still did not want, do not have power really you hold not to live, 90% people buy back as unused so now general few people will recommend.

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6.Rowing machine

A little like the role of elastic belt, but sitting, with the body's strength to pull the rowing machine rope, both feet are pedaling in the bottom, exercise back strength machine group, very useful but very sweaty yo ~ need to pay attention to is sitting stool without protection, hip may be very dangerous, when using the best someone around.

7. Oval machine

Do not use a treadmill if you have bad knees or have been in pain. The other thing is that it doesn't take up space. Just like running a treadmill, many people don't feel the benefits of it, so fewer people buy it. In fact, winter can not go out to exercise, chatting while watching TV while playing oval machine for an hour is not pretty good, right? It costs about as little as a treadmill and is small and easy to use.