• CM-714 WIFI Body Analyzer

  • CM-714 WIFI Body Analyzer

  • CM-714 WIFI Body Analyzer

CM-714 WIFI Body Analyzer

1.WITH  WIFI:Avaible to connect  computer  to check  the  member  datas,Can test segmental muscle segmental fat                     

2.Test Method: Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (MFBIA)

3.Test site: Multiple electrical impedance measurements in the left upper limb, right upper limb, trunk, left lower limb, and right lower limb

4.Test frequency: through 3 different frequencies (20KHZ, 50KHZ, 100KHZ)

5.Electrode method: 8-point contact electrode

6.Body composition calculation method: Estimation without experience

7.Output values (25): body water content (TBW), protein, inorganic salts, body fat, bone mass, body weight, standard body weight, lean body mass, skeletal muscle (SMM), BMI, body fat percentage (PBF), waist Hip fat ratio, moisture ratio, obesity diagnosis, nutrition assessment, weight assessment,

8.Obesity assessment, target weight, weight control, fat control, muscle control, health control, health assessment, basal metabolism, bioelectrical impedance.

9.Rated current: <180 microamperes

10.Power supply: input power AC100~240V, 50/.60HZ

11.Display screen: 320*240STN LCD touch screen

12.Operating languages: English and multilingual choices

13.Data storage: 50000*10 and unlimited SD card expansion

14.External storage: SD card to computer mass storage

15.External Interface: RJ-45, USB2

16.Printer Interface: USB


Product Description


Product Length: 19.69" (50.0 cm)

Product Width: 20.08" (51.0 cm)

Product Height: 46.85" (119.0 cm)

Machine Weight: 77.16 lbs. (35 kg)

Gross Weight: 123.46 lbs. (56 kg)


Packaging Information

Length: 45.67" (116cm)

Width: 20.08" (51cm)

Height: 32.28" (82 cm)

Volume: 0.49 ( m³)