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How Often Should You Train Your Biceps

Apr. 26, 2021

The biceps are without doubt the most trained part of the human anatomy. Excusing the old as time bodybuilding joke about newbs curling in the squat rack, almost all peach fuzz rookies think training their guns will give them a well honed physique.

If you want to look like Spiderman with super skinny legs and a muscular upper body stick with this mentality.

The biceps only make up a third of the upper arm, so why train them as if your life depended on it?

Not everybody wants to look like a bodybuilder, but at least if you want to maintain some modicum of respect, you owe it to yourself to attempt to keep your upper body in line with the proportions of your lower body.

The biceps need only be trained once a week, or twice if you are on a split routine or ingesting steroids. If not you will certainly over train and over develop the biceps brachii and brachialis.

The biceps get a massive pump during most other upper body exercises, so they are going to grow even by doing secondary work. Even during squats they are active as you squeeze to hold onto the bar and push up from the hole.

And during deadlifts don't you use these to pull the weight off the floor? No doubt.

As the bicep muscles are small compared with the quads for example they can recover at a faster rate. But this is not the main reason you should not go overboard and train them 5 times a week.

The function of the bicep is to help shoulder and forearm adduction (movement towards and away from torso). In more scientific terms the bicep supinates (rotates upwards) the forearm with the elbow flexors.

It is also thought to aid in stabilizing the shoulder and the elbow joint.

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