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Pros and Cons of Exercising with a Rowing Machine

Feb. 26, 2020

The rowing machine exercise is a smooth, interesting and challenging fitness exercise. There are advantages and disadvantages to exercise.

Benefits of air rowing machine exercise:

1. Variable resistance: No matter how old or young, you can use the rowing machine. The harder you push your legs, the greater the resistance.

2. Can reduce fat: It can balance body fat and net weight in your body. If you are obese, then rowing is a better exercise that will allow you to burn a lot of fat.

3. Increase muscle and joint activity: rowing machine improves bone quality

Boating is beneficial for patients with arthritis or osteoporosis. When muscles move in a large amount, it can improve the stiffness of muscle joints. If you are a sitting person, using a moderate intensity stroke every day can help you improve your stiffness.

4, strengthen the quadriceps: rowing function can strengthen muscles

When you are rowing, you mainly use the quadriceps: the largest muscle group on the front side of the thighs. These muscles are mainly responsible for knee movements and hip flexion, which makes your legs less powerful. As your quadriceps become stronger, your endurance in running will increase.

5. Good for cardiopulmonary function: When using the rowing machine, the cardiopulmonary is also moving, so it is good for the heart. Boating can enhance the lung's ability to provide oxygen, and you can improve your cardiopulmonary ability through short-term intermittent exercise.

6, postoperative recovery: after the operation, the body will be weaker, with the help of the rowing machine, physical fitness will gradually recover.


1. Limitations: It takes a certain time to master the correct skills; it is not easy to get started with scholars, if the movements are not standardized, it will affect the exercise effect; you need to stop exercise to adjust the resistance during training; it takes up a lot of land.

2. There will be problems for people who need or have a bad lumbar spine: The rowing machine needs your coordination. If you are too straight or bend over when doing backward rowing, it is easy to cause lumbar muscle strain.

Air Rowing Machine

Air Rowing Machine

The seated rowing machine can exercise the entire arm muscles, shoulder muscles and so on. The seated rope rowing machine is generally used. This kind of rowing machine is more practical and simpler.

Commercial strength equipment supplier introduces the standard sitting posture for you:

1. sit on your back, step on the pedals with your feet, bend your knees, hold the handles with both hands, and extend your arms forward. The back should be slightly curved, with a strong chest. You should feel the good extension of the latissimus dorsi when you grasp the front handle. This is the starting position of the action.

2. Pull the handle to the abdomen with the contraction force of the back muscle group, and pull your shoulders and elbows as far as possible until the handle touches the middle of your body. Hold for 1-2 seconds and work hard to squeeze your shoulder blades together for maximum stimulation.

3. Use the strength of the latissimus dorsi to control the reduction. Pay attention to control the speed of stretching during exercise. Too fast or too slow will affect the exercise effect.

Note during boating:

1. Although you may think that leaning your body forward can increase the range of motion, keeping your torso upright will hit your mid-back more than the lower back and waist.

2. Sometimes during training, the back flexion will damage the spine. The stretching should start from a small extent, and the movement must not be fast to avoid injury.

3. Pay attention to the breathing method. Exhale when the handle is pulled towards the body, and return to the initial inhalation.

4, the body should avoid shaking back and forth, otherwise it will cause lower back injury.

Sitting in rowing is important because sitting in the wrong position will cause problems. Although sitting in rowing is a simple and easy action, it is difficult to get used to the correct sitting position. We often say that when the action crosses the line of quality, training becomes Hu Lian, and it is easy to cause injuries. Let me talk about the common mistakes of sitting and rowing.

1. The handle is pulled too high and the action is too large, which does not look good.

2, head forward leaning forward this type of error usually occurs when shoulder mobility is limited, scapula recoil is limited. Forcing the weight back will only cause excessive forward flexion of the cervical spine and cause unnecessary stress!

3. It is also a mistake to lean back too much.

Seated rowing posture

Your back doesn't need to be too large, you can lean back slightly. The rowing is mainly arms, and the back is mainly used for forward bending, too large back will also affect the training effect.

4. Do n’t hump. Some people do n’t pay attention. They will be lazy as soon as they go up. This is a wrong posture and needs to be corrected in time.

Some of this error is an involuntary response, just correct it.