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Weight Loss People Must Know The Use Method Of Gym Equipment(part 1)

Mar. 19, 2019

Because go gym every time, Bench is used almost all is treadmill from Commercial Strength Equipment Supplier, other apparatus also is touch went, did not have how to exercise at all, so, appeared went gym of so many times, know the apparatus such as treadmill, elliptical machine, spin only, the name of other motion apparatus, that is a do not know!

In order to sweep away the shadow of fitness or fitness illiteracy half a year, the Bench or imagine! At the same time also summarized, hope to give you some learning opportunities (comfort).

Gym fitness equipment 1: treadmill

Treadmill, one of the Commercial Free Weight Equipments ,believe everyone is familiar with, and if you go to the gym, coach introduction is the first thing running machine, not only that, if carefully you will find that everyone in the gym, the treadmill is very much, of course, may be related to by more people, after all, relative to other devices, everyone will still be running, so, if the Bench from seven to nine in the evening rush hour to go to the gym, almost can't use the treadmill, too many people.

The treadmill is in use process, if is walking speed general Settings between 3.0 4.5, if is fast walking, speed can be set up between 4.6 6.0, if it is jogging, speed can be set up between 6.0 8.0, run fast, can set in between 8.1 10.0, of course, specific everyone set up according to their own situation, just start exercising, as far as possible are given priority to with jogging, Bench running generally in 7.5 this value, basically run an hour or so every time.

Commercial Free Weight Equipments

Gym equipment 2: spinning

Every gym, basically has a separate room, open the door, inside is the passion of music and a lot of crazy cycling figure, that is spinning room.

Spinning, the English name of Spinning, is a dynamic indoor cycling training program that combines music, visual effects, etc. In the gym, spinning is quite special, because if there is no class, if you ride by yourself, the effect is almost zero. If you exercise by yourself for two minutes, you almost don't want to move any more.