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Weight Loss People Must Know The Use Method Of Gym Equipment(part 2)

Mar. 26, 2019

Gym equipment 3: Body Fit Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machine,,also called space walk machine, Bench is the cause of initial contacts, the coach told the machine to use, less damage to the knees, and cardiopulmonary exercise effect is very good, so the Bench to try, Bench early try speed at around 180, basically above 220, exercise for 30 minutes each time, the same is sweating...

The elliptical machine, also known as the space walk machine, is a very effective instrument for cardiopulmonary exercise. It is loved by many users and professionals.

The biggest characteristic of the elliptical machine is that there is no point of force in the knee joint when the human body exercises with it. The elliptical machine can not only prevent, reduce and relieve the pain of cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder and upper back, but also avoid the impact force when running and better protect the joints, so as to have a better safety factor. Oval function exercises and stimulates the sciatic nerve regulation, enhances the waist muscle endurance and the strength, aims at the buttocks, the thigh, side waist and the small abdomen stimulation, achieves the shaping effect.

                                                                Body Fit Elliptical Machine

Gym equipment 4: mountaineering machine

 Mountaineering machine, supplied from Commercial Strength Equipment Factory,is added newly later go in, so Bench still calculates a bit impression to call what name, but what do not know all the time is how to play, once went up to try twice, know how to use basically, but the data above, it is a also do not understand. Don't know how to adjust.. So, for mountaineers, the Bench is muddled.

Mountaineering machine calls stair machine, stair implement again, it is said that can carry a foot to do mountaineering action not only, still hold the function of two respects such as run, jump concurrently, and it is said to still have the effect of adverse earth magnetism. But this is the concept of the specific Bench did not know how much. Mountaineer sport safety, in the exercise of the knee and ankle shutdown without injury.

Another reason why I want to know this is that when the treadmill was full two days ago, the Bench found that other equipment Bench knew how to train, so in order to exercise in a more comprehensive way, we must know .