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Teach you how to get a good butt without equipment

May. 10, 2019

Can also exercise without equipment, hip can also practice out.

All the time saying what fitness equipment is good, this fitness equipment supplied by commercial gym equipment exporter can take exercise bosom, that equipment can take exercise leg ministry, this can thin shoulder etc. All kinds of fitness equipment, all kinds of fitness methods, in short, thin down, muscle training out.

How do kids who don't have money to spend on gym equipment get to exercise? Secretly tell you a move, let you practice a proud ass.

The so-called hip, does not mean that your buttocks to be large, but the buttocks to be full, stylish. Of course, it is better to be upturned, which is very enviable.

Yoga Mat

Bench training:

Stair room, have the place of stair to be able to undertake, without the space limitation.

First you need to stand one foot away from the step, and then step up the step with one foot, trying to straighten your legs. Raise your body and lift your other leg off the ground. In the process, we should use one leg to exert force, 10-20 for a group of movements, do 3 or 4 groups at home is ok.

If you want to increase the difficulty, you need to increase the height of the steps appropriately. Find a higher step or place a board on the step.

Yoga training:

This is a yoga move that can be done in bed, but it is recommended to do it on a yoga mat.

Start by lying on your side of the bed, bending the arm next to the bed so that your head rests on the arm. Keep your other hand straight and above your crotch.

Keep your legs together and bend your knees 90 degrees. Take a deep breath, then exhale with the upper leg up, straight and level with the body. Then don't separate your feet, just separate your knees, like a mussel open and close the shell, so this action is also called mussel training. For groups of 10-20, two or three groups a day is fine.

These two movements must insist to just can have the effect, do not on a whim, give up halfway oh. You can get in shape without using fitness equipment.