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One motion trains the back of your thigh

May. 07, 2019

One motion trains the back of your thigh

Can't use the Roman chair at the gym? Commercial Strength equipment Supplier shares that many people only know the fitness device as the Roman chair, but few use it. For fitness enthusiasts, its allure is a little weaker.

For the average person like us, it works on the back of your thighs, one-legged tummy up. This is easier to do with a Roman chair and does not involve the knee joint, just to correct the imbalance.

The action goes like this:

Recline on a Roman chair (if possible, adjust the Roman chair to within 45 degrees of the floor).

Hold one leg in place and place the other leg on the seat cushion. One foot stuck, the other foot relaxed! The height of the grip is below the hips, and the core muscles tighten and stabilize the torso, keeping the body in a straight line.

Then bend your body forward, keeping your back straight and not bending your spine. Slowly drop down to feel the tension and pull on one side of the hip and the back of the leg, which will get stronger and stronger. When the body bent into a right Angle when you can resume the original action.

When the action takes back, want to contract hip to still have ham hind side, take tension to take back, action arrives rachis neutral ok, do not amplitude is big carry waist. Feel the tension and pull on the back of your hips and legs.

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There are a few mistakes not to make

1. secretly change power point: the power point of this action comes from gluteal muscle and leg hind side, do not send force secretly with back.

2. Don't twist your body randomly: tighten your core muscles during the movement, always keep your spine neutral, keep your trunk straight, and don't twist your body back and forth.

In short, stability, the body to stabilize, training is effective. Roman chairs can also come in handy. Try your hands first.

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