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Dumbbell - a beautiful yet practical exercise device

Sep. 02, 2019

Dumbbell - a beautiful yet practical exercise device. Shared by Commercial Strength equipment Supplier.

Speaking of fitness equipment, we are certainly no strangers. Many screws and irons are put together to create a "precision instrument" that takes up half the room. They may look cool, but for a 9-to-5 office worker or someone who just wants to do some daily exercise at home, these machines are space-consuming and impractical.

The dumbbells and twisters, lightweight fitness equipment for use in the office and at home, may look plain and simple, but they're just as good for your health as the big machines. And, know carry to still prepared exclusive fitness secret ji for you, follow know carry to learn quickly rise.

Dumbbell: low cost, long service life, obvious fitness effect, convenient

Dumbbell hard pull: a double head movement and a shoulder movement, the two movements together to form a complete movement, helped by Utility Stool, so that the usual not cooperate with each other in this movement, can promote the training effect.

Dumbbell push shoulder sitting posture: upper limbs are not only holding dumbbells, but also participate in the muscle of upper limbs with the squeezing method, passively participate in the whole movement, so as to collect the pectoralis major muscle, deltoid muscle, more complete action.

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Dumbbell shrug: action seems simple, but if if match and walk, or a considerable difficulty, dumbbell itself is very heavy, walk on your feet in the process of tandem, very stable test your core strength, it will make you look more demanding, and for the test of grip strength is very big, is a very good systemic training.

Don't think dumbbells are just for muscle-bound men. For women, dumbbells are also great toning tools. Suitable for women is a small volume, high density immersion dumbbell helped by a Utility Bench, internal cast iron, rubber wrapped outside. Anti-skid sweat absorption, grasp comfortable, feel good, at the same time a lot of color variety, the girl can match a beautiful dumbbell!

Dumbbells suitable for women only weigh between 0.5kg and 5kg. To achieve the purpose of shaping and firming, more than 15RM should be achieved each time.

【What is RM】 Let me give you a science lesson: Repeat Max, how many times can you do a dumbbell of a certain weight? For example, if you hold a 1.5kg dumbbell with both hands and do a flat lift, you will feel weak after 15 or so, and you have reached the critical value. Therefore, choosing a 1.5kg dumbbell is just right for you. Choose the dumbbell weight that is most suitable for you with 15 times as the measurement standard.

Flat lift, side lift, single hand holding dumbbell arm bending is a good way, you can also try some dumbbell aerobics, with music rhythm, burning your fat!