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Do you really know how to do sit-ups?

Jul. 15, 2019

Do you really know how to do sit-ups? Shared by Cardio Machine Manufacturer.

Speaking of sit-ups, this has been done since school. Can you really do it after doing it for such a long time?

Do you roll up your upper body or lift your upper body?

If you feel pain in your lower back after a sit-up, you're lifting your upper body.

A true sit-up is one that rolls up the upper body rather than lifting it, because lifting the upper body USES the force of the lower back, hurting the lower back.

Did they all get it wrong? This also does not blame us, after all at that time only to deal with the teacher to do the exercise, over time also did not go to the research, later will develop this bad habit.

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Later can not do so, if you find that no matter how many sit-ups do, abdominal feeling does not have to stop immediately, you may have hurt the lumbar spine.

Do sit-ups well, there are certain requirements for some auxiliary tools. It is yoga mat above all, sit-up needs a mat, this mat cannot be too soft, easy to let the waist is to support force, involuntarily lifted the body, such sit-up is not effective oh.

Roll up your upper body in this way: 

The upper body is rolled up to form an arc, but the waist is sticking cushion all the time, do not sit up, do not let the waist leave the ground. At the same time, try to put your head in the direction of your knees.

Take your time and do it slowly. If you roll up your upper body and stay there for a second or two, the effect will be better.

Sit up call again roll abdomen motion, roll abdomen is to roll abdomen, not be to lift abdomen. So do you do sit-ups? Still do not do well can consider to seek an equipment to help, this abdominal muscle board is good, can understand.

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