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What common equipments does the gym have?

Jul. 22, 2019

What common equipments does the gym have? Here the Commercial Strength equipment Supplier would like to share us about it.

Ready to equipment, into the gym, but found the gym not only treadmill, dumbbell, barbell, etc., there are so many looks very complicated equipment, don't panic, the equipment are useful to mai Po Hector stretch to (because the equipment is multifarious, so only summarizes some classic, the commonly used instrument).

Although there are many instruments, but if some instruments do not know, usually there are instructions attached to the instrument, for your reference, above marked exercise muscle group, use method. When you use it, first adjust the equipment to the height suitable for yourself, and the weight should also be adjusted to the weight suitable for yourself, in case of injury caused in the fitness. After use, dry your sweat stains and keep the equipment clean.

1. flat bench press

Suitable action: flat bench press

Target muscle groups: chest, triceps, and deltoids

Bench press is the most common exercise machine and one of the most popular. It is common to see a group of people doing chest exercises around several bench presses.

2. Sit chest push trainer

Suitable action: push

Target muscle groups: chest muscles, triceps brachii

The important muscles exercised by the sitting posture push chest trainer are pectoralis major and triceps brachii. The use of the sit push chest trainer can effectively improve the feeling of chest muscles and improve the strength of shoulder joints, elbow joints and wrist joints. For the future dumbbell barbell bench press exercises to lay a solid foundation.

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3. Smith rack

Suitable movements: push, bench press, squat, row

Target muscle groups: deltoids, pectorals, leg muscles, back muscles

This is also a strong comprehensive fitness equipment, you can exercise the muscles of various parts of the body by changing the fitness movement. It comes in many different styles and is designed for different parts of the body.

It's worth noting that the rails on the left and right sides of the Smith are designed to hold the bars in place so that they don't tip back and forth, or even skew left and right. It's safe and comfortable, but not exactly barbell training.

4. gantry

Suitable actions: side lift, rope clamped chest, straight arm press down, rope bend lift, rope bend arm press down

Target muscle groups: deltoids, pectorals, latissimus dorsi, biceps brachii, triceps brachii (corresponding to the above)

Gantry frame is a special fitness equipment of gym. Different from other fitness equipment, gantry frame has many training functions, which is called comprehensive trainer, which can train muscles of all parts of the body. It is the big common training equipment in the gym. Under the huge appearance there are many functions for everyone to use, and can be adjusted according to their own needs.

5. the priest chair

Suitable action: two head bend lift

Target muscle group: biceps brachii

The barbell curl, also known as the oblique curl, is one of the best biceps exercises. The chaplain chair keeps the tension in the biceps all the way through, so it can stimulate our biceps better.

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