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How to exercise at home with dumbbells (middle)

Dec. 12, 2019


Be careful not to lift too heavy a dumbbell. If you lift too heavy a dumbbell, you will strain your muscles or your back.

When flexing your arms with your arms bent, don’t do “throw hard” as some people teach, otherwise you will cause irreparable damage to your shoulder muscles. Should actually do the opposite. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, lean your body slightly forward and align your shoulder muscles, then lift the dumbbells and swing your arms so that your thumbs are facing up and your forearms are extended forward. This will not strain the muscles under the scapula, and at the same time, it can exercise the shoulder muscles.

Method 4: Exercise Your Shoulder

1. Shoulder pressure. Textured shoulders are very attractive and can even pass through clothes. Impress your sweetheart with a swaying shoulder.

Stand up and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Lift dumbbells to shoulder height. Palms are opposite.

Maximize your elbows. Lift the hexagon dumbbell and hold it for a while.

Slowly lower your arms to return the dumbbells to shoulder height.

2. Sitting shoulder pressure. Sitting on a chair, bed or exercise mat.

Lift the dumbbell to shoulder height with palms forward.

Push the dumbbell forward. Extend your elbows near the maximum, but don't stretch them straight.

Lift the dumbbells for a while, then slowly return to your shoulders.

3. Side lift. Side lifts are a good stand-up exercise, and you can practice textured shoulders. You can also do sit-ups, but instead of lifting dumbbells in front of you, place them on your sides.

Take a dumbbell in each hand and place your hands in front of your hips. Palms are opposite.

Raise your arms to both sides until they are parallel to the ground. Hold for a while and then return to the hip position.

Hexagon Dumbbell

Hexagon Dumbbell

Method 5: Exercise the Biceps

1. Do alternate flexing arms. Biceps flexing arms is the standard biceps dumbbell exercise method. Alternate flexing is when the arms are bent back and forth alternately, and one arm is evenly exercised.

Stand with your feet apart and step flat on the ground. Holding dumbbells in both hands, hang down beside each other with palms facing inward.

Bend the forearm of the right hand to the chest and lift the dumbbells to the same height as the shoulders. The elbows should be facing up.

Lift your left arm while lowering your right arm and do the same. Don't lean back to help lift dumbbells. If you need physical assistance to lift a dumbbell, it is too heavy.

2. Hammer action. Hammering is another way to exercise your biceps.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing inward. Both hands dropped to his side.

Bend your arms and lift your dumbbells as high as your shoulders. The inside of the forearm should face inward.

3. Seated single dumbbell exercise. Seated hand movements are suitable for watching TV. This is called single dumbbell exercise because you only need one dumbbell.

Sitting on a chair or bench. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and hang your arm down with your elbows on the inside of your right thigh.

Lift the dumbbell to shoulder height. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds, then lower it slowly.

Repeat with the other hand.