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Three Combined Exercises Create The Perfect Chest

Mar. 06, 2019

We are Smart Chest Press Machines manufacturers, there is an old saying: "Novices look at the chest, masters look back, veterans look at the legs." Regular fitness people will really understand, this is really true, then how can we practice chest What? Now let me introduce 3 trainings.

Training one, sliding hovering push-ups, crawling push-ups, sliding plate one-arm push-ups, outbreak travel push-ups, foam shafts hitting the ground.

People always seek to challenge themselves mentally and physically, so use this simple and effective training method to create a miracle! This set of actions is better with the help of a Pec Fly Machine. Training in the training group in the 20-minute cycle training, the mobile body and foam axis push-ups exercise as the core of its training, the shoulders, chest muscles, and by changing the number of groups and times to 45 seconds and 15 seconds rest, This will allow for flexible changes, and through this explosive training, you will also have a sense of pride and challenge your own pleasure.

Training 2, sliding hovering push-ups (45 seconds training, 15 seconds rest), foam shaft hitting the ground (45 seconds training, 15 seconds rest), outbreak travel push-ups, (45 seconds training, 15 seconds rest).

Training three, iron and elastic band

This is the last training, using the barbell floor bench press to start the cycle training, the specific action is floor bench press (10 times 3 groups), elastic band chest muscle bird (20 to 25 times 3 groups), elastic band push-ups (20 to 25 times 3 groups).

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