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[Climbing machine for sale]How do I use the gym mountain machine?

May. 31, 2019

How do I use the gym mountain machine?

Smart Commercial Strength equipment-Mountaineering machine is a popular fitness sport with good body-building effect. Many people often use mountaineering machine to exercise, especially office workers. Its design principle is based on our daily life in the move to climb the stairs designed.

How do I use the gym mountain machine?

It is ok to input resistance value according to individual situation. If you only want to reduce fat, you can change the resistance to 8-12. Keep it for 30-40 minutes and you'll have a great fat loss. The heart rate stays between 130 and 140 beats per minute. If you want to improve cardiopulmonary exercise, resistance to the 6-8, adhere to 20 minutes will have a very good effect. Heart rate remains between 100 and 120/ min.

1. Mountaineering machine use rhythm

Commercial Strength equipment Supplier shares that in the process of using mountain climbing machine, the most important thing to pay attention to is the rhythm. In the process of exercise, jewelry should gently hold the next handshake, otherwise, the balance may not be maintained in the process of exercise, so it is easy to shift the center of gravity. When you grip, just gently, as you would a paper cup. If you can release your hands after a long period of exercise, it is also good to let your arms hang freely at your sides. At this point, you can improve your cardiopulmonary function and exercise your balance. But also pay attention to the speed of their adjustment and their own body can adapt, in short, the rhythm must be good.

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2. Body adjustment when using mountain climbing machine

During the exercise with the mountain climbing machine, you should adjust your body clearly. While grasping the rhythm, you should also keep your body slightly forward. Although you can keep your body upright, if you can lean forward a little, it will be more conducive to balance. Because most mountaineering machines are inclined, the body is inclined to cooperate with the mountaineering machine. But if you lean forward, it's good, if you lean left and right, it's not good, if your shoulders are relaxed, if you put them back, make sure your stomach is in, and when you're doing these things, don't hunch over.

3. Mountaineering machine use stride length

In the exercise, in the mountain climbing, since we're all adjusting at the same speed, the stride length should be almost the same every time during the exercise. Don't take a small step, but take a big step, which will also affect the pace of running and the pace of exercise. In the process of exercise, these three points, if paid attention to, can basically help people to burn energy and reduce the risk of exercise.