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What do girls do to practice first?

Jun. 03, 2019

What do female beginners do first?

Commercial Strength equipment Supplier shares that there are too many women who are just beginning to get in touch with fitness. Where will you lose weight faster? Fast effective? ... And so on. Although the answer is generally to exercise your entire body evenly, if you choose one body part, work your back muscles first.

Why is the back so important? Not the waist, the legs, the arms? The reasons are as follows:

1. Improve hump

Do women have hump problems? It is well known that the problem of hump in women is often more serious due to the weight of the breasts. It is also known that a hunchback affects one's body shape, posture, sitting and standing posture. In fact, the hunchback is caused by weak back muscles, which are not strong enough to support the weight of the back and upper body (of course, the posture from childhood to growth has a great impact). So, weak back muscles can have a big impact on a woman's body shape.

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2. Improve your overall figure

If a woman has a hunchback problem, it usually makes her waist look thicker, her back thicker, her breasts smaller and so on.

I believe there are many people from small to big will have parents, seniors, teachers point out that we should "chest out ", do not hunchback. But is it easy? Especially for the adults who used to hump back for a long time! However, we have thought, we deliberately do not "chest out ", or back muscle strength is not enough and chest out difficulty?

The rhomboids are the muscles that hold the shoulder blades back, keeping us "out of the chest." Many women are so weak in the back, especially the rhomboids, that they hunch over.

Of course, weak back muscles are not the only reason for the hunchback. Tight pectorals can also play a role, as they hold our shoulders forward. Since the back muscle is the antagonistic muscle of the chest muscle, practicing the back more will also help relax the pectoralis minor muscle.

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