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Use method of all kinds of indoor fitness equipment

Sep. 19, 2019

Use method of all kinds of indoor fitness equipment shared by Commercial Strength equipment Supplier

1. Treadmill: than the field to run more distance treadmill also called walking machine, walking machine or flat running machine, there are single-function treadmill and multi-function treadmill two, is the indoor fitness equipment in the "beloved". Running is the international popular and highly appraised aerobic fitness movement by the medical and sports circles. It is the most effective and scientific way to maintain one's physical and mental health. But because of the limitation of urban environment, a lot of people cannot enjoy the running that the foot steps dirt, close to nature, so treadmill became fitness person, especially the female that wants to lose weight quickly first selection.

When exercising, the electronic watch on the Commercial Treadmill can help you record the speed, time, heart rate, heat, beat, distance and other indicators, so that the athletes at any time to master their own body conditions and adjust. If the physical ability is poor, it is advisable to consume 100 ~ 200 kcal per time at the beginning. After the physical ability is gradually improved, it can be increased to 200 ~ 300 kcal. Medium energy can consume 200 ~ 400 kcal each time; Better physical fitness can consume more than 400 kcal (specific conditions vary from person to person). Walking or running on a treadmill is almost the same as walking or running on the ground. But from the actual force of the human body, it is more than the land walk or run to eliminate the stretching movement. It is this that makes bodybuilder feel very relaxed and at ease, and than in the land to run 1/3 of the distance, energy consumption is also greater than the land training.

2. Fitness car: the bicycle can not replace the exercise fitness car has the advantages that the bicycle can not match -- can freely play their own riding speed, can observe the speed, time, heart rate value of every moment through the electronic table on the fitness car; Use it to undertake taking exercise, can improve heart and lung function effectively not only, still conduce to strengthen leg ministry muscle, reduce weight and improve body quality in the round, to motion inconvenience, constitution is weaker and rehabilitate a patient is applicable especially.

There are two kinds of exercise bike: one is for the fixed handle, only suitable for pedal exercise; The other is the movable handle, arm and leg training. There is also a backrest exercise bike, its backrest body design, can effectively exercise thigh muscles, and can increase the comfort of exercise. The handrail training bar attached to this machine can balance the body of exercisers and enhance the strength of both arms. As technology advances, fitness cars have become computerized, and the screen on the handlebars displays a variety of data, such as heart rate, breathing rate, time, speed, distance and energy consumption. These data facilitate exercisers to timely grasp the amount of exercise and adjust their exercise intensity. In the chromatic screen of some car, still can show different scenery picture, your exercisers are like place oneself in highway, field, find the scenery pleasing to the eye, do not feel drab.

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3. Oval machine: let the whole body move up oval machine, also known as the Body Fit Elliptical Machine, is a new emerging fitness equipment. Its novelty lies in the design of the activity type pedal, is a collection of walking, jogging, stationary cycling for the integration of equipment, its fitness movement was in conformity with the person's natural stride, joints will not have big impact to the human body and damage the human body, can activity onset of muscle groups at the same time, especially in the legs and hips. In the movement is through the hands and feet coordination, to achieve the purpose of fitness. Main with oxygen motion is given priority to, have go fat, the effect that reduce weight, get the love of young female especially. It can be used almost anywhere from children to the elderly.

4. There are two kinds of pullers: spring puller and tape puller, which are mainly used to develop chest, back and arm muscles. A spring puller consists of four or six springs with handles at both ends. During exercise, you can increase or decrease the number of springs according to your strength. It is economical, easy to use, do not take up space, is the ideal family fitness equipment. Rubber tape pullers are made of rubber. Its two ends have a handshake, the middle is connected with a flat or round strip (commonly known as rubber strip) of tape, according to the tightness of the tape to determine the size of the tension. This kind of pull implement is made by oneself more, use old car inner tube to do substitute.

5. Sitting biceps training device from its name can be known, is specifically used to exercise biceps fitness device. The instrument consists of A stool and an a-shape sponge frame. Its basic exercise method is: sit on the stool, two upper arms rely on support in the outer side of A shape sponge frame, two hand-held dumbbells or crank barbell; Then bend the forearm upward until the biceps fully contract, then slowly extend the arm back.

This machine is mainly used to exercise the abdominal muscles. In the functional design, the position of the back cushion can be adjusted to ensure the safety of the back, while the head cushion can reduce the strain of the neck muscles. Its armrest position can adjust at will, in order to suit different motion intensity. Because its structure is cabinet and practical, suit to be used at family fitness very much.