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The difference between unit gym and commercial gym

Oct. 12, 2019

1) The gym in the unit is different from the commercial gym. The purpose of the gym in enterprises and institutions is mainly for the employees to have a good physical and mental state, so that they can be put into work with more full enthusiasm. The fitness purpose of the commercial gym is to make profits, as long as A profitable commercial gym will go on. Therefore, our construction unit gym does not seek high-end and practical. If you are building a business gym, you should consider the cost.

2) Practical first and control costs

The use of gyms and commercial gyms is different. The use of enterprises and institutions is mainly for employees. It is not for practicing bodybuilding muscles. It just wants to sweat, lose weight and stretch the body. The use of commercial gyms is mainly in society. A large number of people who want to exercise, a large part of them are professional fitness enthusiasts. Therefore, the unit gym, should choose more functions in the selection of fitness equipment, the price is affordable. There are many commercial strength equipment, among which the comprehensive training device is a fitness equipment with various fitness functions. It can exercise a variety of muscle tissues such as shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen and legs, which greatly increases the muscle elasticity of the exerciser. The purpose of exercising.

3) The difference between the audience and the purpose of exercise

The gymnasium of the unit gym and the commercial gym are different. The gymnasium of enterprises and institutions will not be very large, especially in the enterprises and institutions in the urban area. The venues are small and expensive. Therefore, the equipment that can achieve the fitness effect is the enterprise. The preferred choice for the gym. In addition, there is no professional coach for guidance in the gyms of enterprises and institutions. The decoration and various facilities may have a certain gap with the top professional gymnasium. The professional gym is equipped with professional fitness instructors, and various courses are offered. The equipment used is also compared. Luxurious and atmospheric, the top commercial gym will invest a lot of money in the decoration to reflect the grade of the gym, but these extra costs are added to the membership card of the member, and the enterprise and the gym do not need to consider this.

4) Differences between site, equipment professionalism, safety, and self-exercise

The frequency of use of gyms and commercial gyms in enterprises and institutions is quite different. The employees of enterprises and institutions usually go to work. They can only go to the gym during work and lunch breaks. Therefore, the frequency of use is small, even for large enterprises. It is also used less frequently than commercial gyms that are fully open to society.

5) The difference in frequency of use

The equipment in the gyms of enterprises and institutions is generally smaller. The gymnasium can be equipped with a relatively large number of cardio machine such as treadmills, exercise bikes and spinning bicycles. It is equipped with a comprehensive training device and several strength fitness equipment to exercise the arms. Shoulder, chest muscles, etc. Several abdominal muscle plates, rally, barbell dumbbells and other free fitness equipment, these are indispensable gym equipment, mainly to exercise the cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength of the staff, both healthy and media shaping.

The difference between unit gym and commercial gym

Fitness Spinning Bike

Combined with the above analysis, it can be seen that the fitness equipment used by enterprises and institutions does not have to be as professional as a commercial gym. For example, a Fitness spinning bike, such professional equipment that needs to be set up in conjunction with the course, does not need to be considered. Generally speaking, a complete gym in a business unit can be equipped with a treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bike and power equipment. Because the frequency of use of equipment is not as high as that of a commercial gym for at least 8 hours a day, for a small number of companies, generally better home fitness equipment can meet the needs; for a large number of enterprises, you can use light commercial or commercial level Equipment, especially aerobic equipment, is related to the motor and circuit, it is easy to malfunction, but also choose the brand and the after-sales are guaranteed. The strength equipment can choose a domestic comprehensive training device.

At present, economic globalization, competition in all walks of the market is fierce, and improving employee loyalty is a key to maintaining the core competitiveness of enterprises. To improve employee loyalty, we must care for employees from all aspects, not only to raise wages for employees, but also to improve benefits such as free gym.

The gym design and equipment configuration of enterprises and institutions provide employees with a space to relieve stress, promote various health activities of the body, and help improve work efficiency. It is also a concrete manifestation of humanistic care of various companies under economic and social development.