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Fat-burning exercise equipment

Jun. 26, 2019

Fat-burning exercise equipment

Nowadays, there are many kinds of indoor fitness equipment, and many basic fitness equipment are targeted. However, when it comes to fitness equipment that burns fat, it should be rowing equipment. Let us know some relevant knowledge of rowing equipment.

Water Rowing Machine

Fitness professionals point out that too much running before and after the lack of left and right movement, joints will soon fatigue, will make the body quickly tired. So you need more flexibility to make your stride more flexible. Try leg swing: hold the handle with both hands and stand on one leg while swinging the other back and forth, keeping the upper body straight. This will warm up and relax your legs and make them more flexible.

Stable for a long time. It's easy to get bored with a constant rhythm, and it's hard to do 100 percent movement. You can run a bit shorter, but a bit harder, combining speed and slope. This allows muscles to tire more quickly and use more stored energy, leading to more efficient fat burning throughout the day. Start with a 2% slope and increase to a 10% slope after several runs (walk at this point). The greater the intensity, the shorter the time required.

'the most common wrong position is when your hands touch your knees during a workout and the movements go haywire,' said the fitness equipment expert. At this point you might as well row the action as a dance, beat 1-2-3, 3-2-1. Kick on the count of one; When counting 2, the body leans back and shakes the upper body; On the count of three, pull your hand back to the bottom of the ribs and turn the OARS. And then back up. Stretch your arms on the count of three; On the count of 2, lean forward from the crotch; Lift your legs on the count of one. "When combined, it's a coherent movement."

Water Rowing Machine

Smart Commercial Strength equipment - Rowing is a long and steady exercise that is not easy to maintain strength and correct posture in all exercises. The trick is to start with 4-6 sets of moderate resistance. Practice for 10 minutes in each group, with 2-3 minutes in between. This will keep your heart rate from dropping all the way down and allow you to increase your intensity whenever possible.

According to many fitness professionals, "the most common bad posture is sitting too high or too low." If the seat is too low, will greatly increase leg fatigue, will also put pressure on the knee. If the seat is too high and the crotch is constantly twisted from side to side, it is uncomfortable, inefficient and looks ridiculous.

So adjust your seat. Sit up, sole of the foot is opposite pedal center, double leg is complete unbend downward, just reach the lowest point that pedal turns, such all force can use sufficient, won't waste energy to also won't cause fatigue to knee, ham.

Even with the right posture, many people practice with cruise intensity rather than charge speed. Variable speed riding is a good idea. Start with two to three minutes of intense cycling, rest for three minutes, and repeat for 15 minutes.