• CM-201 Angled Linear Leg Press

CM-201 Angled Linear Leg Press


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Product Description

 Product technical description:

1. Advanced design concept.

2, Diameter Φ114mm and Φ76mm high quality round steel tube,50*75*3.0mm  square bube, novel and unique design

3. The thickness of the main pipe is 3-5mm, and the thickness of the connecting parts is 10-12MM.

4, Precision cold rolled steel sheet weight plate,Weight plate adjustment uses a strong magnetic latch.                                                                                        5. The motion trajectory follows the principles of kinematics.

6. Super strong wire rope Ф 6.0mm which can bearing 2000KG                                                                                             

7. Super Comfortable,noonslip and duarable  handle                                                                                               

8. Cushion Craft :Adopted polyurethane foam process,comfortable and durable

9, Cushion adjustment uses the principle of leverage, there is no damage.

10, high-grade aluminum alloy pulley, shoulder-to-shoulder world first-line brand

11. Safety devices are used for counterweights and wiring.                                                                                                                 

12.Diameter 110mm aluminum pulley, aluminum  handle ,Rack  for water bottle