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What are the advantages of mountain climbing machine?

Jun. 11, 2019

What are the advantages of mountain climbing machine?

Climbing Machine has very good body fitness effect and is popular with many fitness sports people. Many people often use mountaineering machine to exercise, especially office workers. Its design principle is based on our daily life in the move to climb the stairs designed. What are the advantages of mountain climbing machine?

1. Effective thin body fitness on the mountain, with 16% of the slope Angle and speed of 3 MPH (4.82 km/h) under the intensity of exercise, makes the running machine speed can be achieved for the training effect of 6 miles per hour, this shows that in the mountaineering on fitness person don't have to increase the speed, can effectively improve the heart rate, in order to realize the consumption of fat. Mountaineers don't need to go too fast to burn the same amount of heat as a treadmill. A mountain-climbing machine simply needs to raise its slope at the same speed, or even lower, to achieve the desired results. Setting the slope of the mountain climbing machine to 40% at a speed of 3km/h has the same effect of exercising for 5 minutes as training for 30 minutes at a speed of 8km/h on the platform treadmill.

2. Dual exerciseswhen a workout is performed on a mountain-climbing machine with a slope of more than 15 degrees, the percentage of muscle-cell involvement increases to 75 percent, compared with about 20 percent on a treadmill. This means that exercisers can work both their cardiovascular and muscular systems on the same machine. That is to say, when the user is using the mountaineering machine to exercise, when the slope reaches more than 15 degrees, will be able to effectively gluteus maximus, femoris muscle group, and calf muscle to produce a good exercise effect, so as to achieve the effect of slimming, plastic body, buttock. And continuous mountain climbing activities, although at a low speed, also maintain an effective heart rate intensity at a slow speed, ensuring cardiovascular exercise.

Climbing Machine

3. Higher energy consumption when exercising on a mountain-climbing machine with a slope of 16 degrees and a speed of 2 miles per hour, bodybuilders burn 360 kilocalories per hour, which is three times the amount of heat consumed by a treadmill in the same period of time. In addition, exercisers can effectively mobilize the aerobic function system, provide strong support to cardiovascular and muscular active tissues, and accelerate the body fat consumption even when walking on the mountain climbing machine at low speed.

4. Weight loss motivation what we're using is actually our pre-stored carbohydrates, not the fat in our body, and if we want to burn fat conditions, we need to run for a long time at high speed. However, when using a mountain bike, we only need to increase the slope to ensure that when we are on a running track at one stop, we are burning fat, not stored carbohydrates. Such a low-speed treadmill workout is difficult to achieve the weight loss program can be easily completed when using the mountain climbing machine.

5. Reduce injury in outdoor mountaineering is active, there is a lot of energy through the lower limbs into potential energy consumption, the legs bear more than significant, more likely to cause short-term fatigue and leg stiffness and thickening. However, people who use mountaineering machines are passive in sports, and more of them are fully involved in sports. Experiments have shown that the same amount of energy can be used to cover up to a third more distance on a mountaineering machine than on an outdoor mountaineering machine, but users will be much more relaxed.

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