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Can treadmill walking lose weight? How about weight loss?

Jun. 14, 2019

Can Commercial Treadmill walking lose weight? How about weight loss?

It is well known that running has many benefits. As a simple and easy aerobic exercise, it can not only exercise cardiopulmonary function, but also enhance muscle strength. To "reduce weight with running function" misgivings need not worry completely, should undertake lasting and effective jogger only, can disappear fat thin body certainly. But if not in accordance with the correct method, it may appear turnip leg, cervical spondylosis and other problems, just the opposite.

Scientific research proves that treadmill compared to other aerobic exercise equipment, the quantity of heat that use up more in 1 hour running machine under high intensity exercise, can use up 850 kilocalorie quantity of heat, even when low intensity can use up 550 kilocalorie quantity of heat, an hour so for treadmill effect reducing weight what questions have solved, as long as you insist on a treadmill to sports, believe that could soon have a good figure!

Commercial Treadmill

1. Crawler Treadmill walk to lose weight

Mode of choice: treadmill weight loss or not with your use has a great deal to do. The average good treadmill comes with a program that allows you to choose different workouts by simply entering data as prompted. For example: weight loss mode, mountaineering mode and so on.

Stand: when using the treadmill to lose weight, stand correctly. To stand in the middle of the belt, do not too forward or easy to step to the bottom of the seat. And don't lean too far back, or you'll be easily dumped. Also do not run to deviate, can affect the effect that run reduces weight otherwise.

How to run: treadmill running, like normal running, requires a cushioning process. So start by walking. It is recommended to start at a pace of 4-6km/h and then gradually transition to running. It's best to take a brisk walk. This is more direct for burning fat.

How to stop: don't stop immediately at the end of a treadmill run, or you'll get dizzy. It's best to slow down and slow down from a fast run to a jog and then a brisk walk to a slow walk.

Optimal heart rate: one of the most important data points for running is heart rate. Your heart rate is a direct indicator of your performance and performance. There is a formula for the optimal exercise heart rate :(220- age)× 60/80%. So if you're 20 years old, 120 to 160 beats per minute is the best exercise for heart rate fluctuations. Maintaining running in this range is more conducive to fat burning.

Never exceed your maximum heart rate while running. If so, talk about your speed right away and get your heart rate back to normal.