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Common Mistakes of Rowing Machine Exercise

Nov. 28, 2019

Using rowing machine fitness equipment can effectively exercise your back muscles. Seated rowing is a horizontal movement. It mainly involves the coordinated participation of trapezius, rhomboid, latissimus dorsi, and biceps. Don't look at the simple movements. Many people still fail to do so, which is equivalent to a bamboo basket fetching water. Below, the fitness equipment supplier points out 6 common wrong movements for rowing.

1. The upper body is tilted too much

Rowing exercise is a multi-joint exercise, but it does not include the hip joint. That is, your hips should remain locked, and tilting your body forward or backward will increase the range of motion, or use your weight to complete the motion in disguise, reducing the effect.

Novice skills: In the standard action, the lower back will not participate in exerting force. Feel the stretch of your lower back muscles. If there is a feeling, it means that the action is wrong. Generally speaking, when doing dual track rowing machine exercise, as long as the upper body leans backwards within 10 degrees, it is the correct posture.

2. Incomplete action range

The full range of motion can allow the muscles to achieve maximum contraction and obtain the best exercise results. You cannot increase the pound at the cost of reducing the distance. When pulling backwards, pull your elbows back as far as you can, and the scapula will reach the maximum contraction position. If you can't, reduce the pounds.

3. Unprotected lower back

When doing rowing, the spine should remain fixed and not curved. This means that you should tighten your lower back muscles so that you can protect your back.

4. Knee Lockup

Fully straight legs can cause excessive pressure on the knee joint and cause injury. Your legs should be slightly bent and fixed.

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

5. Never adjust the grip

Many people like to do this, it only takes a small movement, but it is not obvious to practice only the same posture to exercise. You should try holding it wide so that you can exercise your latissimus dorsi more effectively. Make your muscles more balanced. In addition, positive and negative grip can also change the effect of exercise. We all know that after a period of exercise, the body will enter the "comfort zone". Adjusting your grip is the easiest way to get out of the comfort zone.

6. Shoulders are too high

When exercising with a rowing machine, the shoulders can also be adjusted. If you consciously press your shoulders down, you will feel different in this moment. Sit up, step on the front pedal with both feet, bend your knees slightly, hold the "triangular" handle with both hands, forward your shoulders, tilt your upper body forward, stretch your back, and pull the handle to the chest with the contraction of latissimus dorsi Stop, then control the reduction with the strength of the latissimus dorsi.

The above is a common misunderstanding of rowing machine exercise. Exercise with this fitness equipment is not simply sitting down, grasping the handle and pulling it backwards. If you think so, it is likely to waste the valuable effects of this action and fitness equipment.