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Fitness novice should pay attention to what problems

Nov. 22, 2019

Fitness is the best way to strengthen your body and improve your psychological quality. More and more people are willing to join the ranks of fitness. For your own health, this is undoubtedly a good thing, but while emphasizing the benefits of fitness, the exercise machine supplier reminds those newcomers to fitness, although fitness can guarantee health, but there are still many precautions to follow.

Warm up first, then treadmill

Many people who are first-time fitness do not say that they have to run a few steps on the commercial treadmill first. In fact, this is not true. Before running, you should do warm-up exercises. Warm-up exercises can increase the temperature of the muscles and make the muscles softer and less likely to be pulled. You can press the legs first or do several sets of squat exercises. For the first time, the novice should go slower and jog for 15 minutes. This exercise intensity can be maintained for 3 weeks, and then slowly increase according to personal physique.

Balance before practicing large instruments

According to statistics from the United States, people who enter the gym for the first time will experience sports injuries more or less in 45 days. American bodybuilding champion Reuben reminds everyone that because of the high flexibility and balance of the body, large-scale instruments must be balanced and flexible for at least one month before practice. If you keep your upper body upright but can't kneel down, or if you can't keep your balance after you close your eyes, don't touch the big equipment in the gym.

Strength exercises start with dumbbells

Many fitness novices first come to the gym, can't wait to practice all the equipment, such as treadmills such as aerobic training equipment, if warm-up in place, generally no sports injuries. However, strength training equipment such as chest pushers and barbells are not very suitable for novice practice. If the novice wants to practice strength, he can choose 3 to 5 pounds of hexagon dumbbell, put his hands on his chest, do 12-15 of referral exercises, and 2-3 groups.

40 minutes for the best exercise time

Many people will stay in the gym for a few hours, and all the equipment will be connected again. It is still not easy to get tired. It is easy to cause fatigue and cause muscle soreness. If you don't pay attention, it will cause sports injuries. For fitness novices, 40 minutes is enough. You can jog in 15-20 minutes, exercise strength in 10 minutes, and do some flexibility training.

Commercial Treadmill

Commercial Treadmill

Wear jogging shoes and platform socks to go to the gym

Many people often wear flat shoes or canvas shoes when they are exercising. The soles of these shoes are thinner, and the muscles of the novice's feet are slack, which makes it easy to cramp or sprain. Therefore, it is best for first-time fitness people to choose running shoes, training shoes or thick stockings.

Practice muscles and replenish food within one hour after fitness

For newcomers with different fitness purposes, diet is also very important. For example, people who practice muscles should eat more carbohydrate-containing foods within one hour of exercise. Rice is a good choice. For people who want to lose weight, it is best not to add food within one hour of exercise.