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How to maintain and maintain the fitness equipment in the gym

Nov. 15, 2019

Nowadays more and more people like to exercise. In many cases, fitness can bring great changes to our life. Because regular fitness can make us have a healthier body and shape our individual. The quality is so very important.

There are a lot of people who choose to go to the gym for fitness, because the equipment inside is more comprehensive, it can help the body art to exercise to all parts of the body, so it has always been broken and received people's attention and love, but the maintenance of fitness equipment and Maintenance is also very important as it increases its useful life.

Do you know how the equipment in the gym should be maintained and maintained? It is very important to know the method inside. You must pay attention to these aspects in peacetime. Now fitness equipment supplier will introduce you to the equipment in the gym. How to carry out maintenance and maintenance.

Gym strength equipment and aerobic area maintenance and maintenance

Check the cable for broken wires. Whether the screws of each component of the instrument are loose or not, whether the components are shaken or not hidden. If found, immediately lock it. If it cannot be solved, notify the manufacturer to handle it.

In use

Pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound. If it is found, stop using it immediately, so as not to enlarge the damage and notify the manufacturer to check it.


Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the appearance of the instrument, especially the part with dripping sweat. After the conditional club can be wiped out, test the parts of the instrument again with water wax to avoid rusting. Wipe the weight guides and rails once a week with at least water-based wax. Electronic equipment A running machine is a fitness equipment that simulates running and walking. Running and walking are a systemic aerobic metabolic exercise. The power of the treadmill is that the power-driven roller moves the rubber belt and the person runs on the rubber belt. Adjust the speed of the rubber belt to adjust the speed of motion.

Crawler Treadmill

Crawler Treadmill

Preventive maintenance keeps the commercial treadmill running at its best

1. Clean the display panel and all body casings daily with a mild detergent and water. Do not use amino or acid based cleaners. It is recommended to use non-abrasive soft cotton cloth, the cleaning agent is dripped on the cotton cloth to clean the instrument, and the cleaning agent should not be directly used in any part of the instrument (primary maintenance);

2. Check the operation of the emergency stop system once a day (secondary maintenance);

3. Check the belt daily for displacement (secondary and tertiary maintenance);

4. Check daily for loose fasteners (secondary maintenance);

5. Clean the belt around the belt with a vacuum cleaner every week to prevent accumulation of debris (primary maintenance);

6. Check the space at the bottom of the machine and remove dust every month. Add tanning oil to the treadmill for 1-2 months (below the running belt), pay attention to dust removal, and dry the operation panel (diligent cleaning) (primary maintenance);

7. Regularly check the external wear parts, especially the belt and pedal. The treadmill will run for more than 1 hour every day, which can reduce the chance of the motor getting wet! (Second and third level maintenance).

8. Cover all equipment with a moisture-proof cover after work!