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Types of home fitness equipment and their choice

Nov. 07, 2019

With the booming of the times, fitness has become a trend that is popular all over the world. Most people like to go to the gym to exercise. In fact, in addition to the gym outside, you can also have fitness equipment at home. The following fitness equipment supplier introduce the types of home fitness equipment , advantages and choices.

Types and advantages of home fitness equipment:

1, treadmill: run more distance than the actual

Running is an aerobic exercise that is popular internationally and highly praised by the medical and sports circles. It is the most effective and scientific fitness method to maintain one's physical and mental health, and it is more and more popular among everyone. However, due to the restrictions of the urban environment, many people can't enjoy the running of the foot and the nature, so the treadmill becomes the bodybuilder, especially the woman who wants to lose weight quickly.

2, upright exercise bike: bicycle can not replace the sport

The exercise bike has the incomparable advantage of bicycles - you can freely play your own riding speed, you can observe the speed, time, heart rate value, etc. at every moment through the electronic watch on the exercise bike; use it to exercise, not only effectively Improve heart and lung function, it also helps to strengthen the leg muscles, lose weight and improve overall physical fitness. It is especially suitable for patients with reduced mobility, weak constitution and rehabilitation.

3, elliptical running machine: let the whole body move

The elliptical running machine, also known as the spacewalker, is a new type of fitness equipment. Its novelty lies in the design of the movable pedal. It is a kind of fitness equipment that integrates walking, jogging and static cycling. Its fitness action just coincides with the natural step of the human body, and it does not produce big joints to the human body. The impact damages the human body and can simultaneously move the muscles of the upper and lower limbs, especially the legs and buttocks.

Elliptical Running Machine

Elliptical Running Machine

4, air rowing machine: "care" the muscles that can not move on weekdays

At the time of "boating", every flexion and extension of the body and the stroke of each paddle make about 90% of the extensor muscles participate in the movement, so it is really beneficial to the extensor muscle which usually does not participate in any movement. The rowing action has a significant effect on the exercise of the back muscles, allowing the back to obtain the maximum range of motion in the body flexion and extension of the body, while effectively moving the joints of the spine, not only enhances the elasticity, but also increases the toughness.

Fitness equipment selection:

1, casual fitness equipment: office workers are more likely to fatigue, can be refreshed through fitness, optional use of climbers, exercise bikes, rowing machines.

2, growth fitness equipment: young people's fitness weight loss emphasizes comprehensive and scientific, all kinds of back support, pullers, dumbbells, grips, etc. are suitable for young people.

3, functional fitness equipment: suitable for middle-aged and elderly, for the purpose of fitness and longevity. If you are physically fit, you can use running machine, exercise bikes and flying marks. If you are in poor health, you can use a variety of massagers.

4, bodybuilding fitness equipment: suitable for women, such as three or four pounds of small dumbbells, abdomen, fitness turntables, gymnastics mats and other small supplies, as well as some small muscle magnetic massage machines and massagers can relax Play the effect of fitness and weight loss.

5. Comprehensive fitness equipment: There is a multi-functional comprehensive fitness machine in the home, which integrates running, boating, cycling and mountain climbing, suitable for both men and women.