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How to buy home fitness equipment correctly?

Nov. 01, 2019

It is a waste of time to exercise in the gym. Nowadays, everyone is under great pressure, there is very little time to go to the gym, and it takes a lot of money to go to the gym, so more and more people are choosing to exercise at home. But family fitness wants to be standard and effective, and not easy.

First we need to start with the choice of home fitness equipment. For young people, it is necessary to focus on strength training and muscle training. It is more suitable for springs, dumbbells, and skipping ropes.

There are many fitness equipment sold in the mall. We can choose the equipment that suits us. These fitness equipment are generally divided into two categories. One is aerobic fitness equipment, such as treadmills and fitness spinning bike, which mainly enhance the heart and lung function; It is an anaerobic fitness equipment, such as a muscle puller and other strength equipment.

Before purchasing fitness equipment, you must first look at the purpose of buying to exercise muscles, or to lose weight, or to enhance heart and lung function.

Different fitness purposes require different fitness equipment. If your purpose is to make your body more healthy, you can choose a multi-functional fitness machine. The multi-purpose items include boating, braking, waist rotation, various strength exercises, Massage and other functions can comprehensively exercise the arms, legs, lower back and chest and abdomen muscles, which has a significant effect on overall physical improvement. For consumers with poor physical fitness and inconvenient mobility, you can purchase fixed exercise bikes, treadmills, and air rowing machines. These three types of equipment are slow-type endurance sports equipment. Using them to exercise can help improve heart and lung function and leg arms. power.

There are two factors to consider when choosing a fitness equipment for a family. First, housing conditions, that is, the space for fitness equipment; second, economic ability, you should choose different fitness equipment according to your own economic strength.

The size of the fitness equipment is the first factor to consider. If you buy a device, you can't put it at home, and no matter how good the function is. In the end, the fate of fitness equipment is likely to be delivered, or stacked with a variety of debris.



As far as the treadmill is concerned, the size is large and small, the large one requires two or three square meters of space, and the small one is less than half; consumers with slightly less housing conditions can purchase single-function fitness equipment. Such as: exercise bikes, rowing machines, etc. These devices can be placed under the bed or placed on a balcony after use.

Determine the size of the device, you can choose different fitness equipment according to your own economic strength. The choice of fitness equipment takes into account the needs of most family members. If you want to be suitable for both young and old, the most suitable is the running machine. It is an effective aerobics exerciser that is less prone to fatigue than other traditional exercisers and is suitable for all types of people.